Welcome to the world of Tatra Phoenix, where tradition meets innovation and endurance combines with exceptional performance. Our powerful and reliable range of trucks is designed to conquer even the most challenging terrains.The Tatra Phoenix embodies the legend of the Phoenix, symbolizing the enduring strength of the human spirit and the fusion of tradition with innovation.With a sturdy backbone chassis concept, passed down through generations of Tatra trucks, the Tatra Phoenix has evolved to deliver unparalleled performance, increased productivity, improved efficiency, and exceptional comfort.

No longer limited to rugged terrains, the Tatra Phoenix has become a versatile companion, equally comfortable on high-quality roads.Equipped with advanced, electronically controlled Paccar MX engines, these trucks offer exceptional power, fuel efficiency, and eco-friendly operation.The independent suspension of all axles, cushioned by airbags, coupled with a modern cab, ensures maximum comfort and safety for drivers.Additionally, our trucks are equipped with a proven ZF gearbox for effortless shifting, an enhanced braking system with a brand new engine brake, increased load capacity, reduced tire wear, improved fuel economy, and much more.

The result is a remarkable truck that not only reinstates Tatra’s position at the top but also pushes boundaries and opens new frontiers. At the core of Tatra Trucks production has always been full-powered trucks designed specifically for off-road conditions. The backbone frame and swivel half axles are integral to our trucks, giving them distinctive driving and operating characteristics.Continuing this tradition, the Tatra Phoenix represents the latest evolution, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Recognizing the demand for trucks that excel in challenging terrains, the Tatra Phoenix is meticulously designed using modern technology, durable materials, and contemporary functional design. The cabin, adorned with our distinct logo, reflects years of experience in heavy duty operations, offering a spacious and comfortable interior. Positioned securely on the frame, reinforced by a robust bumper, the Tatra Phoenix exudes confidence in the face of obstacles.The bumper’s modular design minimizes repair costs, further enhancing the truck’s durability.Its steel bottom, protected by a robust steel crossbeam, shields the radiator and front of the truck during off-road driving.

The high-positioned headlamps, optionally available with xenon lamps, optimize the front overhang angle. Moreover, our attention to detail is evident in the design of the cabin entry steps, featuring lower footboards mounted on durable elastic holders. Every aspect of the Tatra Phoenix is purposefully designed to meet the demands of our customers and the harsh operating conditions they encounter. The rugged appearance of our truck is not just an aesthetic choice but a testament to our commitment to quality and understanding of our customers needs.


Tatra has concluded strategic partnerships with the top players in its industry.

The unique chassis concept has been continuously improved since 1923 – and to this day successfully imitated by no one.

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