Construction – Tatra: Custom Solutions for the Building Industry

Bespoke Superstructures for Every Need

In the demanding world of construction, Tatra stands ready with tailored solutions for your business.Specializing in custom-built superstructures, we’re equipped to meet and exceed the most challenging requirements, ensuring your construction projects are supported by vehicles designed with precision and purpose.

Innovative Design Meets Versatile Performance

Our vehicles boast a unique Tatra chassis, offering exceptional driving characteristics unparalleled in the industry.With a range of drive variants including 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, and 8×6, Tatra vehicles adapt to any terrain. The innovative central load-bearing tube design eliminates the need for intermediary frames, allowing for the efficient installation of dump truck bodies and reducing both weight and cost.


Euro 5

The chassis configuration with a central load-carrying tube and independently suspended axles is a unique design that has been tried and tested over decades of use around the globe.
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Euro 6

A new generation of trucks is coming. A new generation based on a unique chassis concept that has been tested to perfection for nearly a century – all over our planet.
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