Tatra Phoenix for Agriculture: The Ultimate 6×6 Chassis-Cab

Discover the Tatra Phoenix T 158-8P5R33.391 6×6, a revolutionary chassis-cab designed for agricultural swap bodies. This vehicle offers a blend of the iconic Tatra chassis, a spacious cab, and the efficiency of Paccar MX engines and ZF transmissions. It’s built for those who seek unrivaled off-road capabilities and high productivity.

The 6×6 Tatra Phoenix chassis cab for swap bodies is used for various agricultural bodies and superstructures ranging from two-way tipping bodies,three-way tipping bodies, large-volume superstructures, over tanks to spreaders for both on-road operation and operation in the fields.The fixed auxiliary frame superstructure is designed for Tatra Phoenix chassis with wheel bases of 3,440 mm and 3,900 mm + 1,320 mm. Among other features, the vehicle is equipped with one or two hydraulic cylinders for tipping, a rear frame extension (known as the triangle), where a trailer hitch system and accessories for pulling a trailer, with a fifth wheel, of a total maximum weight of 18,000 kg can be attached.

Elevate your farming operations with the Tatra Phoenix, your partner in achieving greater efficiency and profitability.

Features and Advantages:

  • Off-Road Excellence: Navigate challenging terrains effortlessly with the Tatra Phoenix's superior off-road mobility.
  • Versatile Use: Adapt to a variety of agricultural needs with swap bodies, from tipping bodies to spreaders, ensuring optimal utility in any task.
  • Speed and Safety: Enjoy high-speed transportation without compromising on safety, boosting productivity.
  • Increased Payload: Carry heavier loads efficiently, maximizing profitability while saving time.
  • Economic Fuel Consumption: Benefit from low fuel consumption, optimizing operations and cost-effectiveness.
  • Driver Comfort: A comfortable cab ensures reduced fatigue for drivers, enhancing long journey experiences.
  • Year-Round Utility: Versatile for all seasons, the Tatra Phoenix supports a range of agricultural activities, backed by Parma servis s.r.o. for global homologation and compatibility.
  • Beyond Expectations: Experience a blend of performance, efficiency, and comfort that sets new standards in agricultural vehicles.