Tatra Phoenix T 158-8P6N23.371 4×4: A Revolution in Agricultural Transportation

Introducing the Tatra Phoenix 4×4 Truck: The ideal blend of power and adaptability for agriculture. The Tatra Phoenix, with its unique Tatra chassis, is engineered for supreme off-road performance, ensuring seamless operation on diverse terrains.

Key Features:

  • Robust Off-Road Performance: Built on the legendary Tatra chassis, it tackles the toughest terrains with ease. Its independent swinging half-axles and air suspension deliver superior comfort and enable faster off-road travel compared to traditional rigid axle vehicles.
  • Versatile and Powerful: The Tatra Phoenix doubles as a robust tractor unit, perfect for both surfaced roads and challenging off-road conditions. Its high load capacity of up to 45 tonnes makes it ideal for various agricultural tasks.
  • Efficient and Powerful Engines: Equipped with Paccar MX engines, it offers a balance of power and fuel efficiency. The choice of a manual or automatic ZF As Tronic 16-speed gearbox further enhances its performance, reducing operational costs.
  • Unmatched Terrain Agility: This truck is designed to go where others can't, ensuring productivity even in the most demanding agricultural settings.
  • Optimal Driver Comfort: The advanced suspension system and ergonomic design provide a comfortable driving experience, crucial for long hours in agricultural operations.
  • Conclusion: The Tatra Phoenix T 158-8P6N23.371 4×4 truck stands out as a versatile, powerful, and efficient choice for modern agriculture. Experience unparalleled off-road capability and comfort in your agricultural endeavors with the Tatra Phoenix.