T 158-8P6R33.391 6×6.2 – 6×6 Container Carrier With Hook Loader

The Tatra Phoenix 6×6 Container Carrier with Hook Loader is a robust and adaptable truck designed for challenging terrains. This commercial vehicle, featuring the innovative Tatra chassis and a spacious cab, is equipped with powerful Paccar MX engines. It not only offers outstanding performance but also adheres to Euro 6 emission standards, minimizing environmental impact.

Key features include:

  • Unrivaled Accessibility: Its Paccar MX-11 or MX-13 engines ensure you can navigate tough terrains effortlessly, reaching places other trucks cannot.
  • Exceptional Productivity: With a high payload capacity and faster transport speeds in difficult terrain, the Tatra Phoenix boosts efficiency and profitability.
  • Superior Comfort: All axles have air suspension, providing a smooth ride for the driver and cargo.
  • Reliable Transmissions: Offers various transmission options, including ZF and Allison. The automated 16-speed as tronic version optimizes driving comfort, fuel efficiency, and drive train protection.
  • Versatile Hauling Capabilities: Equipped with the contsystem's multilift XR 18S.56 hook loader, it can handle superstructures weighing up to 18,000 kilograms and containers ranging from 4.5 to 6.6 meters in length.
  • The Tatra Phoenix stands out for its combination of comfort, efficiency, and versatility, making it an excellent choice in the construction industry.