T 158–8P5R46.261 8×8.1R

8×8 ONE-WAY TIPPER from TATRA, the ultimate solution for your off-road transportation needs.

This remarkable truck combines a unique TATRA chassis, a spacious and comfortable cab, powerful PACCAR MX engines, and reliable ZF transmissions.

The TATRA PHOENIX is a combination of a unique TATRA chassis with a spacious and comfortable cab, modern PACCAR MX engines, and ZF transmissions. Thanks to these features, TATRA TAKES YOU FARTHER – to places which other trucks cannot reach, and also to higher profits thanks to great efficiency and productivity.

The excellent productivity of the TATRA PHOENIX is a result of high payload and high speed that you can achieve in off-road conditions. With TATRA trucks you can transport more material faster. Efficient PACCAR MX engines offer reasonable operating costs even on hard terrain. The TATRA PHOENIX achieves higher speed and lower fuel consumption compared to competitors’ rigid or articulated dump trucks used in mining operations. In addition, the TATRA unique chassis design together with air suspension on all axles enhances comfort of the TATRA PHOENIX. For GVW of 40 tons (6×6) and 50 tons (8×8), wheel-hub reduction gears are used.

Key Features and Benefits:

TATRA Chassis: The TATRA PHOENIX boasts a robust and durable chassis that can withstand even the toughest terrains. Its exceptional off-road capabilities allow you to reach inaccessible locations, giving you a competitive advantage.

Spacious and Comfortable Cab: The TATRA PHOENIX offers a spacious and ergonomic cab, ensuring the driver's comfort during long journeys. With easy-to-reach controls and excellent visibility, the cab provides a pleasant working environment.

Powerful PACCAR MX Engines: Equipped with efficient PACCAR MX engines, the TATRA PHOENIX delivers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. These engines offer reasonable operating costs even on challenging terrains, allowing you to achieve cost savings without compromising power.

Reliable ZF Transmissions: The TATRA PHOENIX features reliable ZF transmissions that ensure smooth gear shifts and optimal power distribution. This enhances the truck's overall performance and efficiency.

Reach Inaccessible Locations: With its exceptional off-road capabilities, the TATRA PHOENIX can take you to places that other trucks cannot reach. Whether it's construction sites, mining operations, or remote areas, this truck ensures that your work is not limited by terrain constraints.

Increased Productivity: The TATRA PHOENIX offers high payload capacity and the ability to achieve high speeds in off-road conditions. This means you can transport more material faster, leading to increased productivity and shorter project timelines.

Cost Savings: The TATRA PHOENIX is designed to provide cost savings in multiple ways. Its fuel-efficient PACCAR MX engines and lower fuel consumption compared to competitors' trucks ensure reduced operating costs. Additionally, the TATRA chassis design and air suspension on all axles enhance driver comfort, reducing fatigue and increasing overall efficiency.

Enhanced Driver Experience: The TATRA PHOENIX prioritizes driver comfort with its spacious and ergonomic cab. The easy-to-use controls, excellent visibility, and comfortable ride make long journeys more enjoyable for the driver. This not only improves driver satisfaction but also contributes to safer operations.

Experience excellence in every journey with 8x8 ONE-WAY TIPPER from TATRA.