Tatra Phoenix T 158-8P5R43.232 8×6.2 – 8×6 Three Way Tipper: Redefining Commercial Efficiency with Unparalleled Innovation

Introducing the Tatra Phoenix: A roundbreaking combination of Tatra’s innovative chassis, a driver-focused cab, and high-performance PACCAR MX engines coupled with ZF transmissions.

Designed for the toughest terrains, this vehicle sets new standards in profitability and operational efficiency.


  • Innovative TATRA Chassis: Master challenging terrains with a revolutionary chassis design.
  • Spacious & Ergonomic Cab: Prioritizing driver comfort for enhanced operational efficiency and reduced fatigue.
  • Advanced PACCAR MX Engines: Experience superior, fuel-efficient performance that eclipses traditional dump trucks.
  • Superior Off-Road Capabilities: Effortlessly navigate rough terrain with a unique chassis and advanced air suspension system.
  • High Payload & Speed: Achieve more in less time with exceptional payload capacity and impressive off-road speed.
  • Optimized Fuel Consumption: Embrace cost-effectiveness in even the most demanding environments.


  • Unmatched Off-Road Performance: Reliability and ease in the toughest conditions.
  • Accelerated Transportation Speed: Quicker project completion, boosting productivity.
  • Amplified Payload Capacity: Maximize efficiency with fewer trips and increased profitability.
  • Economical Fuel Usage: Setting new benchmarks in fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility.
  • Driver-Centric Comfort: A cab that ensures the well-being and comfort of your drivers.
  • Experience Efficiency Reimagined.
  • With the Tatra Phoenix 8×6 three-way tipper, step into a realm of unmatched operational efficiency and profitability. Transform your commercial ventures with the Tatra Phoenix. Begin your journey today.