Tatra Phoenix T 158-8P5R33.391 6×6.2 – The Ultimate Timber Transportation Vehicle

Efficiency Meets Versatility in Timber Transportation: Discover the Tatra Phoenix, a powerhouse in timber logistics. This 6×6 vehicle boasts a unique combination of features for unparalleled performance in timber transportation.

Outstanding Features:

  • Robust Tatra Chassis: Equipped with a spacious cab, modern Paccar MX engines, and ZF transmissions.
  • Engageable Front-Wheel Drive & Superstructure: Enhanced control and durability.
  • Umikov Telescopic Semi-Trailer: Crafted by SSAB, offering flexibility with movable stakes and a hydraulic expansion frame.
  • Epsilon Q170 Z96 Hydraulic Crane: A game-changer with a 9.6m working radius and a 1,600 kg lift capacity, speeding up operations by up to 60%.

Key Benefits:

  • High Productivity: Exceptional performance in and out of the forest.
  • Versatile Mobility: Flawless transition from rugged terrains to highways.
  • Driver Comfort: A cabin designed for efficiency and comfort during long hauls.
  • Experience the blend of power, versatility, and efficiency with the Tatra Phoenix – your solution for advanced timber transportation.