T 158–8P5R46.261 8×8.1R

Introducing the Tatra Phoenix T 158–8P5R46.261 8×8.1R: A Revolution in Mining Operations.

Discover the 8×8 one-way Tipper, crafted to redefine efficiency and productivity in mining. The Tatra Phoenix combines an innovative Tatra chassis, a spacious and comfortable cab, cutting-edge Paccar MX engines, and ZF transmissions. Designed to reach challenging locations and elevate profitability, this truck is a game-changer in the mining industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Outstanding Productivity: Achieve high payload and speed in off-road conditions, allowing for faster material transport.
  • Advanced Efficiency: Paccar MX engines ensure lower fuel consumption and operating costs, even on tough terrains.
  • Unique Chassis Design: Air suspension on all axles for driver comfort, with hub reduction gears for 40 tons (6×6) and 50 tons (8×8) GVW.
  • All-Wheel Drive Versatility: Includes shift-on-the-fly capability for seamless driving mode transitions, enhancing fuel efficiency.
  • Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS): Improves off-road performance, reduces tire wear, and saves fuel.
  • Superior Off-Road Capabilities: Navigate rough terrains with confidence, ensuring efficient material transport to remote sites.
  • High-Speed Transportation: Reduces delivery time, increasing overall productivity.
  • Impressive Payload Capacity: Transport larger quantities per trip, resulting in increased efficiency and profits.
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption: Optimizes operational expenses, outperforming competitors' trucks.
  • Driver Comfort: Spacious cab and smooth ride quality ensure driver focus and productivity.
  • The Tatra Phoenix 8×8 one-way tipper, with its exceptional features and capabilities, is set to unlock new potentials in the mining industry.