T 158–8P5R46.261 8×8.1R

Introducing the 8×8 ONE-WAY TIPPER: Unlock a World of Possibilities in Mining Operations.

Experience the power, efficiency, and comfort of 8×8 ONE-WAY.This game-changer in the mining industry combines a unique TATRA chassis, a spacious cab, powerful PACCAR MX engines, and ZF transmissions. With its exceptional features and benefits, the TATRA PHOENIX takes you further, both in terms of reaching places other trucks cannot and achieving higher profits through outstanding efficiency and productivity.

The TATRA PHOENIX is a combination of a unique TATRA chassis with a spacious and comfortable cab, modern PACCAR MX engines, and ZF transmissions. Thanks to these features, TATRA TAKES YOU FURTHER – to places which other trucks cannot reach, and also to higher profits thanks to great efficiency and productivity.

The excellent productivity of the TATRA PHOENIX is a result of high payload and high speed that you can achieve in off-road conditions. With a TATRA truck you can transport more material faster. Efficient PACCAR MX engines offer reasonable operating costs even on hard terrain. The TATRA PHOENIX achieves higher speed and lower fuel consumption compared to competitors’ rigid or articulated dump trucks used in mining operations. In addition, the TATRA unique chassis design together with air suspension on all axles enhances comfort of the TATRA PHOENIX. For GVW of 40 tons (6×6) and 50 tons (8×8), hub reduction gears are used.

Key Features and Benefits:

Excellent Productivity: The TATRA PHOENIX delivers outstanding productivity with its high payload capacity and the ability to achieve high speeds in off-road conditions. With this truck, you can transport more material faster, giving your mining operations a competitive edge.

Efficient Engines: Equipped with PACCAR MX engines, the TATRA PHOENIX offers reasonable operating costs even on challenging terrains. Compared to competitors' rigid or articulated dump trucks, our truck achieves higher speeds and lower fuel consumption, maximizing your profitability.

Unique Chassis Design: The TATRA PHOENIX's unique chassis design, combined with air suspension on all axles, enhances driver comfort, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even in demanding mining environments. Hub reduction gears are used for GVW of 40 tons (6×6) and 50 tons (8×8), further enhancing performance.

All-Wheel Drive Capability: The TATRA PHOENIX is an all-wheel drive truck, with front drive equipped with shift-on-the-fly capability. This means you can switch between all-wheel drive and non-all-wheel drive mode without stopping, providing additional fuel savings and versatility.

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS): For even greater efficiency and off-road capabilities, the TATRA PHOENIX can be equipped with a central tire inflation system. This innovative feature saves fuel, reduces tire wear, and improves overall performance in challenging mining environments.

Excellent Off-Road Capabilities: With the TATRA PHOENIX, you can confidently navigate rough terrains and challenging off-road conditions. Its exceptional off-road capabilities ensure that you can access remote mining sites and transport materials efficiently.

High Transportation Speed: The TATRA PHOENIX allows you to achieve high speeds during transportation, reducing the time required for material delivery and increasing overall productivity. Its superior performance gives you a competitive advantage in the mining industry.

High Payload: With its impressive payload capacity, the TATRA PHOENIX enables you to transport larger quantities of materials in a single trip. This results in fewer trips, increased efficiency, and ultimately higher profits for your mining operations.

Low Fuel Consumption: Thanks to its efficient PACCAR MX engines and advanced design, the TATRA PHOENIX boasts lower fuel consumption compared to competitors' trucks. By reducing fuel costs, this truck helps you optimize your operational expenses and maximize profitability.

Comfort for the Driver: The TATRA PHOENIX prioritizes driver comfort with its spacious and comfortable cab, air suspension, and smooth ride quality. By providing a comfortable working environment, this truck ensures that your drivers stay focused and productive throughout their shifts.

8x8 ONE-WAY TIPPER wwith its exceptional features, superior productivity, efficient engines, unique chassis design, all-wheel drive capability, and central tire inflation system, this truck will unlock a world of possibilities in the mining industry.