T 158-8P6R56.261 10×10.2

One-Way Tipper 10×10 Work Machine

Discover ONE-WAY TIPPER- 10×10 WORK MACHINE, the perfect solution for your mining and earthmoving needs. With its powerful PACCAR MX engines, high payload capacity, and exceptional off-road performance, this work machine is designed to exceed your expectations.

The TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 combines the unique TATRA chassis with a spacious and comfortable cab, modern PACCAR MX engines and ZF or Allison transmissions. With this combination TATRA can take you further – to the locations inaccessible to other trucks. Moreover, thanks to very efficient operation and productivity with the TATRA PHOENIX model you will even achieve higher operating results.

The outstanding productivity of this truck results from high payload of up to 40 tons and high off-road transport speed. With TATRA trucks you can therefore carry more loads faster. Powerful PACCAR MX en- gines can offer reasonable operating costs, even in difficult terrain. Compared to competing vehicles with rigid axles or articulated dump trucks, which are used in mining or earthmoving operations, TATRA PHOENIX achieves higher speeds and favorable fuel consumption per transported ton. Compared to articulated dump truck, there are also much more favorable total costs of ownership.

The TATRA PHOENIX vehicle is all-wheel drive vehicle with engageable front axle drive without stopping the vehicle with wheel hub reduc- tions on all axles. The vehicle can also be equipped with a central tyre inflation system, which improves the vehicle traction during operat- ing in a difficult terrain. The work machine TATRA PHOENIX in 10×10 configuration is therefore a universal solution for your efficient and productive operation during mining or foundation engineering and earthmoving works.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unique Tatra Chassis: Combining a unique Tatra chassis with a spacious and comfortable cab, the one- way tipper 10x10 work machine, offers exceptional durability and stability, even in the most challenging terrains.

Modern PACCAR MX Engines: Equipped with modern PACCAR MX engines, our work machine delivers powerful performance while ensuring reasonable operating costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your operations.

High Payload Capacity: With a payload capacity of up to 40 tons,the one- way tipper 10x10 work machine allows you to carry more loads, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

High Off-Road Transport Speed: Experience high off-road transport speed, enabling you to complete your tasks faster and more efficiently, even in off-road conditions.

All-Wheel Drive with Engageable Front Axle Drive: Our vehicle features all-wheel drive with engageable front axle drive, providing enhanced traction and maneuverability without stopping the vehicle.

Wheel Hub Reductions and Central Tire Inflation System: The one- way tipper 10x10 work machine is equipped with wheel hub reductions on all axles, ensuring improved traction in difficult terrains. Additionally, the central tire inflation system enhances the vehicle's performance in challenging operating conditions.

Unmatched Productivity: The one- way tipper 10x10 work machine offers outstanding productivity, allowing you to achieve higher operating results due to its high payload capacity and off-road transport speed.

Cost-Effective Operation: Compared to rigid axle vehicles or articulated dump trucks, our Tatra Phoenix model provides favorable fuel consumption per transported ton, resulting in lower total costs of ownership.

Versatility: Whether you're operating on paved roads or tackling challenging off-road terrains, the one- way tipper 10x10 work machine delivers reliable performance in any environment, making it a universal solution for your operations.

Economical Operation: With its economical operation and reasonable operating costs, our work machine ensures that you can maximize your efficiency without compromising your budget.

Enhanced Safety: The one- way tipper 10x10 work machine boasts a fording depth of up to 800mm, allowing you to navigate through water obstacles with ease, ensuring the safety of both your crew and cargo.